Saturday, August 25, 2007

Day at the Zoo

This is a quick rabbit trail from the topic of culture shock. We'll continue that next week. Last Saturday Ginger and the kids went with some friends to the Warsaw Zoo. The major difference that we could distinguish was how much freedom you have to handle different animals here. The snake was the boys' idea--they were pretty proud. When they got to the monkeys a sign read "be aware they will throw poo" At first the monkeys appeared to be pretty docile but something set them off (possibly they saw their resemblance in my boys) and they started hurling stuff at Ginger, the kids and our friends. Everyone ran thinking it was poo but then realized they were only throwing apples from their lunch--man they can chuck it a long way. Well the boys thought this was hysterical (mom didn't think it was quite as funny)---the monkey's were screaming and clapping at the sight of eight people running for cover. One of their friends got hit by some of the flying food, don't worry it didn't hurt him because he immediately rolled over in laughter. As cool as holding the snake was for them, all they talked about on the way home was the monkeys and their great accuracy. You can't even make up stuff like this. They are currently hatching a plan to get their grandparents near the monkeys when they visit.


Dad Stover said...

don't worry about grandpa.....I can throw poo with the best of them.....miss you Dad Stover

The Stover Family said...

I am soooo embarrassed!

Auntie96 said...

Hmmmm, it sounds like you get your humor from your dad! Dad Stover, that was a funny comment!

Thanks again for letting us get a peak into your lives!

And thank you for letting us know when Olga starts school. I think of her and pray for her every day!

akhughes said...

I can't even believe they can hold a snake like that! your boys are hilarious.

Buddy & Loren Fitzgerald said...

Hey guys, it's great to hear about what's going on in Poland. We haven't been to any zoos in Peru, but we did see Monkeys and snakes in the jungle. Unfortunately, the monkeys were out of range to be our dinner, and the snakes were either already dead, or too small to have any meat.

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