Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Formal Church Membership

Sunday was an exciting day for the ministry here in Siedlce, Poland. All in all, sixteen people came forward to make up the original church membership. The video shows those who desired to join reciting the church covenant outloud and then lining up to sign. Three more people have come forward for baptism so they too can join the church. We will have the baptismal service on Saturday Dec. 15. The idea of formally committing to a local church is new for most of the believers in our church, so it was exciting to see them consider what the Scriptures say and then make the right decision.


Auntie96 said...

Thank you for sharing this with us. We are so blessed to not only being able to pray for you and your ministry but to get updates/photos and videos so quickly! It makes it much more personal to be able to "see" the people.
We will continue to pray. Thank you for the nice Christmas card/photo of your family it came in the mail today! We love it!

Annette for the Hesson family

The Stover Family said...

Wow, the Christmas card came fast. Video and email sure help to put faces with prayer requests. Thank you for praying