Monday, December 1, 2008

Serving in Peru

Loren Fitzgerald---Peru

I was thinking about what has helped me thus far. (I have only been in Peru for 7months)

1. Being able to speak the language (in order to have deep relationships with people)

2. Fulfilling my desire in having ladies Bible studies

3. Having nationals as friends

4. Having other missionary ladies to confide in here in Peru (There are 3 other couples

within 30 minutes) We get along great!

I am a people person and I have needed to be able to interact with other women: do what they do, have heart to heart times with them. I am pretty busy here, which has helped. I have three Bible studies going with different groups of women on different subjects. I have been learning to cook from scratch, for real! I try to get out and get to know people, the culture and such. There are times that I get frustrated and yell, “These people, this place!” Even though I speak Spanish, it is very different here (which can be frustrating), but I have forced myself to be teachable. There is so much to learn that it can be overwhelming, but I recite to myself the song “Little by Little, Inch by Inch.” I get up every day and ask myself, God, and my husband, “What’s the plan for the day?” I am learning to give God my plans and schedule. I know this isn’t much, but it’s what has helped me.

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Anonymous said...

We too have been living in Peru for the last 10 months and YES we MUST have the language. It is much more difficult to be effective here in Peru than it was in Africa.

So, "poko y poko" we struggle with learning the language.

I know how to cook by scratch, but struggle with the washing of all fruits and veggies, and the chopping of chocolate bars to make chocolate chip cookies and souring your own cream when sour cream is needed, etc.
So, we are returning to the USA to finish our prefield, go to language school, etc. (go through the normal process of being a missionary) Language is so needed. We have learned a lot, but not enough