Friday, June 8, 2007

Shades, Blessed Shades

It gives us peace of mind to know that Superman and Spiderman are with us here in Poland. Ginger and I had a good laugh yesterday over the whole language barrier thing. Our apartment is on the second floor and there is a little park just outside our kitchen window. On occasion we allow the boys to go to the park all by themselves, it makes them feel real big. Yesterday we noticed there were four girls in the park about their age so we let them go down to play. They went down there in full superhero mode, but those poor girls, who only speak Polish, could not figure out why these crazy Americans were jumping around and growling at them. The next time we looked out, all the girls had run home and the boys suddenly had the playground to themselves (the old Stover charm is no myth). Ginger and I got a chuckle out of that.

Initially our purpose in this blog is to share with you some of the adjustments we are making and some of the lessons we are learning. I took a picture of the kids in front of their new shades that just came in yesterday. I can't stress enough how important they are to ones' sanity. Poland's latitude is equal to Quebec, for that reason in the summer the sun rises around 4:15 am and does not set until around 9:30pm. The sun rises right outside the boys window so there's not enough nyquil in Poland to keep them in bed, and those who know me know I've tried. Several times in the last two weeks our wake up call has been the kids running into our room and saying "mom and dad why are you sleeping, the sun is up" only to look at a watch and to see that it is 4:30 IN THE MORNING. The first time it happened I remember thinking, "Jason, just remember your testimony, they are still children." Needless to say, when the blinds arrived two days ago there was great joy in the Stover household.


Matthew said...

I love the blinds, the blue in the boys room really pops! I would have to say my one reservation about having children at this point is that I just LOVE sleep way too much. I think a 4:30 wake up call would make me second guess putting my children in my will. Anyway...the pink looks like it matches Aubries walls really well. How do they all like their rooms? I want to see pictures of what Ging did with the shelves in her room! Hope you guys are well. Think of you often.

Auntie96 said...

We love your blog. You have such a witty sense of humor. Thank you for doing this...we LOVE it! We are praying for you! We will have a glass of cold ice water in your honor! :)

The Hesson Family

Lisa said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Not so funny to you, but boy I got a HUGE kick out of that!!!!
Your kids could simply not be any cuter.
I can picture your boys fighting the bad guys at the park, with a "POW, and a POW!" I am sure there surely is a peace of mind in your part of Poland.
We have those blinds as well. But the sun came in from the sides of them!!!! Chris bought some adhesive tape to keep them closer to the wall. NO ray of sunlight detecable! Blessed indeed!!
Praying for you,

Paniak Family said...

They have yet to make the shade taht is strong enough to keep Anabel from waking mom and dad up with the same exact saying "Sun's Up!"

The Burlison Family said...

Ohh, those poor girls in Poland. They're gonna think all American's are power heros!! Well, we kind of are huh?? Super hero's unite!!
Keep having fun guys!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
How's it goin? Love the pics and the stories...your place looks great too!!! Hey Ging, I need an address for you guys - have a package to mail out to ya!! You can email us on our regular email if you want - Give the kids kisses for me! Love ya, Sara

The Stover Family said...


We're still working on those shelves in our room. Its on the to-do list. Are you going to bring Matt over here one of these days---if you do, he and I can go play a little golf.

Hesson Family,

Yes, cherish that ice cold water, don't let it go


Its funny, Aubrie still talks about Anabel a lot, shes one of the kids she really remembers from the States, along with her cousins.


They have some siding you can add that keeps your blinds close to the window so no light escapes, we are definitely using it, especially since the sun was up before 4:30 am today


You've visited Thailand--its time for a visit to Poland

Sara said...

Your kids are just too precious, and I hear you on the blinds, though I can't BELIEVE you didn't nail or even duct tape blankets or sheets or something in front of those windows in the meantime. I would likely have used whichever avenue worked!

Matt & Nicki said...

It is so neat to read your posts about life in Poland. It helps to put things here in proper perspective. As for your post,our daughter rises with the sun as well, and also has a room darkening shade on her window--KIDS!!