Sunday, February 24, 2008

Spiritual Oppression

This was from a baptism service back in December. It was an exciting time to see five believers follow Christ in baptism. Karolina is 18 years old and a senior in high school who has been faithfully attending services and growing in her young Christian life. Until a month ago she hadn't told her parents about her salvation. Attending a Baptist church is not an acceptable thing in Poland. There has never been any Baptist Church in our city and most people have no idea what we believe and they assume our church is a cult. For the last month Karolina has been forbidden to attend services. She didn't tell us at first why she wasn't coming; I suppose she thought her parents would give in. They are deeply bothered that she has left "the church" and are adament that she not return to our church. Some of you were saved out of Roman Catholicism and know exactly what she is going through. Please pray that she would grow closer to the Lord through this time and that her parents hearts would be softened.


Sara said...

We will be praying! I LOVED and THOROUGHLY enjoyed your visa mishaps story! THANKS FOR SHARING!xbjzky

The Stover Family said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the visa mishap--it wasn't so funny at the time, but I'm over it now. Good to hear from you