Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Little Homework For The Ladies


I am writing to you today to ask for your help on a project that has been on my heart for the past year. My family and I moved here to Poland 10 months ago. I thought that because I grew up on the mission field I would be prepared for all that missionary life entailed. I was wrong, a missionary kid and a missionary wife are two completely different things. I was shocked at how unprepared I was to be a wife and mom in a new country. In the beginning my emotions at times, were overwhelming.

I distinctly remember the excitement I felt when I knew that deputation was over and we were heading to the field. Finally we were going to be in the country that God called us too. Packing for Poland was fun, arriving in Poland was fun, and setting up our new apartment was fun, and then reality struck. I was here for good, there was no turning back and my family was thousands of miles away. Where did all those emotions and feelings come from? Why was I feeling this way? I was where I knew God wanted me and so why was I so upset inside? Looking back on deputation, I wish I had more insight into setting up home in a foreign country. I would like to compile a series of stories and experiences of missionary wives and single missionary ladies from all around the world. I want to hear from veteran missionaries and from those who have just arrived on the field. What are some of the most difficult adjustments you have faced? What were some emotions that you experienced, and what best helped you adjust to your new country? Maybe you could share some Scripture passages that were a comfort to you.

It is my belief that a compilation of our experiences, struggles, and victories would be such a good resource and help to new single missionary ladies and missionary wives. I would love to hear from your hearts. Please be as open and candid as possible, you can remain anonymous if you would like. Not only could this be a help to new missionary wives and single missionary ladies, but I think that it could be an encouragement for veteran missionaries as well. I know that personally I feel embarrassed and ashamed at how weak I feel at times. I feel as though I must pretend to be an impregnable fortress. We can encourage one another by being honest and by sharing how God helped us through the different periods of adjustment. I personally would love to hear little tips on what makes you feel more at home in your new country. If you would be interested in sharing your experiences please send me a quick email { stoversinpoland@gmail.com }. Then, in the next two weeks as you have time please send me your experiences. I would like to begin compiling these as soon as possible.



Troy & Sherry said...

ginger -
it is sherry (Syroteuk) from nbbc...i found your blog and i am very impressed at how well you guys seemed to be doing...i have never been overseas but for short mission trips and i wasn't married with kids on any of those - however, becca sinclair (sykes) has been in cameroon for the past 4 years with 4 kids and the woman amazes me...i would email her and ask her your questions, i know she will be able to encourage you with practical and biblical ideas..
cameroon4christ@yahoo.com is their email address...
take care and thank you for serving our Saviour....tell jason and the layer's i said hello!

Debbie Griffin said...

Great idea, Ginger...wish I had something to contribute! I suppose I could since I consider moving to Northland a true culture shock! :-) But please don't limit these stories to helping other missionaries. Lay families like mine would benefit greatly from understanding the struggles and would encourage us to pray for our missionaries more! Can't wait to see your compilation...I'm sure it will be a blessing to all!

Anonymous said...

Are you doing this for me? Just yesterday I was terrified thinking of my future and all the emotional hard times, the challenges, relating to a new culture, teaching for my kids, with no "grandparents" near by and yet knowing that this is what God has for us, its what I've been praying for Him to let me do, and I want to be trully excited. I can't wait to read this...we believe we will get to share our burden with our church this Sunday!

The Stover Family said...

Dear Ladies,

Thanks for you comments on our blog. I am excited about the possibilities of this project. Sherry, I did already ask Becca Sinclair to help. I figured she would have great input seeing that she is a missionary wife in Cameroon. She has already agreed to help so I am sure excited. Thanks for your suggestion.
Debbie, I agree living up at Northland is a culture shock all of its own. :0) I do hope that once this project is all completed that ladies back home will want to read it so they can better know how to pray for their missionary ladies.
Yes, I am doing this for ladies like you and me. Who better to learn about the mission field then ladies who have been there and gone through the difficulites and know their is light at the end of the tunnel. Who better to encourage us then women who know the struggles and victories of missionary life. I truly hope and pray that this project will be a blessing and encouragement to many ladies.

Anonymous said...

BRAVO Ginger...this is a great idea. This will help many for years to come. I'd like an autographed copy (haha). God is doing a wonderful work in and through you.
God Bless you and your missions.

Kristin said...

I can't wait to read all the input you get from others. I'm going to email several missionary wives I know to see if they're interested in helping you out. I agree...I want an autographed copy!