Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Anonymous Pedestrians

Ginger and I celebrated our anniversary by exploring a city in western Poland called Wroclaw (pronounced "vrot-swav"). It's called the "Venice of Poland" for the way the river winds through the city, and it's famous for many beautiful bridges. At one time the German border consumed Wroclaw--and only recently in Poland's history has the city returned to Polish control. The picture is of a monument near the Old Town square titled "Transition" and as you can see the statues appear to be slowly walking into the ground. The monument was created in December 2005 on the 24th anniversary of the introduction of martial law. From December 13, 1981 to July 22, 1983 the communist government enforced martial law to crush the Polish people's growing opposition. Overnight literally hundreds of people disappeared, some went underground to fight the communist government and it's believed many more were stolen away by the government, never to be heard from again. I know that in the states posting pictures and waving flags with the likeness's of Marx, Che, and Castro is kind of the chic thing to do, especially among college students, frat boys, and radical left wingers, all under the premise of free speech. The irony is that they celebrate leaders and a system that allows nothing even remotely close. To many who have recently come out of the system that these men represent, it would be tantamount to hanging a giant swastika on your bedroom wall. The world will never know some of the atrocities that occurred during communist control of Poland, whatever happens in this life though--there will be a reckoning in the next. Philippians 2:9-11 has universal application as men like Marx and Ernesto Che Guevara now realize.

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Loren Fitzgerald said...

You are so right. You have no idea how popular "Che" is here in Peru, and much of the rest of Latin America. If they only knew where true freedom comes from, and how opposed these dictators were to true freedom.