Saturday, June 7, 2008

Missionary Biggest Loser #10---A Little Off Track

Ginger and I went down to a town in southern Poland called Wroclaw for our 7th wedding anniversary. While walking around downtown we passed a tantalizing Polish bakery with fresh donuts. It wasn't a moment of weakness, rather more like willful disobedience, but I ate one--ur um actually maybe I ate two. It brought me peace, comfort, and warmth--even though all of those feelings were temporary. Was it worth it? OH YEAH. Not a great week for the diet but I've got two weeks to go. My nemesis and christian brother should be posting his final weight on Tuesday. You can check out his progress here. Stay tuned for all the drama as we wrap this contest up and Matt Jones gets beat down.

June #7/ Week #11: 249

Mental State: satisfied, thanks to those donuts


Carrie said...

curious if your medical problems helped you lose any extra weight? Happy nice to have been able to get wome time together.

Matt and Courtney Jones said...

Hey, I started on the 11th of March, ThEREFORe, I plan to conclude on the 11th of June, which is WEDNESDAY not Tuesday. I think you've got a good chance of winning.

The Stover Family said...


I definitely lost some extra weight in the beginning but I made up for it in my second week in the States. Red Robin is just to good.


Whatever dude.

Matt and Courtney Jones said...

Bring it girly man. Tonight, I feasted. Tomorrow, I'll feast again. It's just too nice to not be hungry.
Eat it up.