Saturday, May 31, 2008

Missionary Biggest Loser #9---Another Fish Story

My memory seems to recall a certain promise made by Matt Jones on his May 10th blog. The blog was entitled "Not the Biggest Loser" at the top of the page there was a picture of a rather handsome and skinny looking man. Anyways, if you read read past my nemesis and Christian brothers' usual bloviating you'll notice a bold promise. "Next week I'll hit the 250 mark or I won't drink a pepsi for another four months." Yet as I checked the following weeks blog entry, no mention of hitting the 250 mark and no mention of the once bold promise. I am not suprised--having known him for four years now I'm used to his fish stories. After all, a leopard can't change his spots--I guess it would have been just as realistic for Matt to promise "If I don't grow wings and fly by next Saturday, I won't drink another pepsi for four months." Having returned from the States there is no doubt that Chicago is still my home, but as I exited the aircraft my sense of smell alerted me to a beautiful aroma on the horizon--to this day I can't decide if it was the smell of Polish donuts or simply the smell of coming victory--either way I find comfort. You can check out my nemesis and Christian brothers progress over at his blog, and as for my update.

May 31st/ Week #10: 249

Mental State: Chicago is home but Polish bakeries are heaven

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