Saturday, May 3, 2008

Missionary Biggest Loser #6

Well, I reached a new low this week but I'm not talking about my weight. Because of a Polish holiday everything was closed Thursday-Sunday which means I couldn't go work out at the end of the week like I normally do. I'm so desperate and so committed to this contest that I actually broke down and did a Tae-Bo video with Ginger. Yeah you read it write, afterwards I purposely nicked myself while shaving just to make sure I had some masculinity left in me. The one positive out of the whole event was that the leotard fit surprisingly well. Now as to the contest with Matt Jones my nemesis and christian brother (incidentally, I wouldn't even wish the tae-bo thing on him) and the scandalous scale incident from a few weeks ago, we are sligthly changing the rules of the contest. At this point we are basically identical in weight so now the winner of the contest will simply be the person who weighs the least at the end. Because he started before me, his last weigh-in will be June 12 and mine will be June 21, you can check out his progress on his blog.

May 3/Week #6: 257 lbs.

Mental State: One measely pound! Billy Blanks the Tae-Bo master is so overrated


Sara said...

Good job, Jason!! Keep up the good work!

Matt and Courtney Jones said...

Keep up the not so good work. I'M YOUR DADDY!!!!