Saturday, May 24, 2008

Missonary Biggest Loser #8--I have not yet begun to fight

So I was reading my nemesis and christian brother's blog, and noticed he was hinting at me dropping out of the contest. I figured he would try to weasel out--what with his "miracle scale" breaking and everything. I must admit that I considered throwing in the towel with the weight loss thing when I was on the miserable plane ride home. But something happened over the Atlantic--I arrived at an epiphany right about the same time this one little kid wouldn't stop crying two rows behind me. The choice was either get up and smack him or refocus all my energy into this battle for the ages. This calling I now have--to represent people with one kidney everywhere, is my higher motivation. The politically correct term is "kidneylogically challenged." And I wonder if Matt Jones is awake at night with the fear that not only will he lose on June 21st. I will have beaten him while enjoying 7 of the 25 burgers on Red Robin's menu.

May 24th/ Week #9: 251 lbs.

Mental State: humble as usual

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Matt and Courtney Jones said...

Have a couple extra slices of cheese for me while you're there. Pizza is your friend. Your endulging is the key to success. My success.