Saturday, April 26, 2008

Missionary Biggest Loser #5

It took some time but I found a picture of the scale that Matt Jones says was broken by a "suitcase." I have a hard time believing that a "suitcase" can do that kind of damage, more likely it was caused by a Bigfoot from the hills of Eastern Tennessee. In addition, if you look at where the needle on the scale is pointing, it seems to indicate that the last object to stand on the scale weighed in at 298 lbs. Hmm, do we know anyone who fits that description? I think so, and you can read his blog for more information. Having solved the mystery I have a few quick facts for you this week.

1.) I did the math and by cutting out Pepsi we are saving $65 a month in grocery bills.

2.) Only 125 more pounds to lose until I catch Ginger.

3.) Jared from Subway may have lost more weight than I, but I can beat him in arm wrestling, well maybe.

April 26/Week #5: 258 lbs.

Mental State: I've lost 24 lbs. in five weeks, but I'm giving serious consideration to investing in a Polish "Krispy Kreme."

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