Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I have had the opportunity, on several occasions, to participate in the Lord's Supper with the saved and baptized believers from our church here in Siedlce. The reverence with which they approach this time has been convicting to me. Typically, they set apart time for the Lord's Supper at the end of the service, much like we do in the States. The pastor begins by asking all those, who wish participate, to stand. However, upon examination of their own hearts, some believers who could participate choose not to do so. I appreciate their willingness to not eat and drink unworthily, as well, I appreciate that they are not hindered by what other "fellow Christians" are thinking about them. In choosing not to participate, they remain seated while their fellow Christians stand, which presents an obvious contrast between the two groups. I praise the Lord for the priority they place in being right before God over their appearance before fellow Christians and am rebuked as I think of different instances when this has not been true of my life. God help me to fear Him above all.

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