Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's That Language Thing Again

When you are learning a language, new situations provide new challenges in communication. Pray for us this week as we along with Kris and Mariola Kolt will be running a teen camp in southern Poland. If I'm honest, my stomach gets a little queasy when I think about the week ahead and the language barriers this camp presents. But it's also a great opportunity to share the Gospel with 25 people, most of whom are not believers. I'll leave you with some Polish vocabulary that you can put to use.

: (ko-ha-nie) honey/ darling

żabciu: (ge-ab-chew) little frog--husbands and wives often use this endearing term, sounds funny to us Americans

rybko: (rib-ko) little fish--same as żabciu (imagine referring to your wife as a little fish)

miśu: (me-shoe) teddy bear/ bear cub, another term of endearment

wyszła za mąż: (wy-shwa za moange) a phrase used to describe a lady who is about to get married--it literally means she is going out to get a husband. There is a joke in there somewhere but I'm afraid to use it

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Janoff said...

ouch.. I've compassion for u that u must learn polish, it's possible the haredest language ever

cool words, very useful

btw - this picture shows your feelings when you learn polish? :D