Sunday, August 3, 2008


Yesterday we wrapped up our teen camp with a ten hour bus ride home. The camp was held in southern Poland within 1 km of the Slovakian border. During communism, this region was often used to smuggle people in and out of the country. The terrain could be compared to the hills of Tennessee and thus impossible to maintain total control of the border. Thank you for your prayers, twenty-six attended the camp and we are thanking God for the seven teens who trusted Christ. The majority of the teens that attended come from Christian families in our church so it was exciting to see them make their own decisions about following Christ. We stayed in something similar to a hostel in the States, the caretakers are Christians, and it's owned by a Baptist church in Wrocław, Poland. They gave us some encouraging news about our kids' language acquisition when they told us that it wasn't until Saturday that they realized our children weren't Polish. They had heard them conversing with the other kids in Polish and said they spoke perfectly. As far as Ginger and I are concerned, they weren't fooled by our Polish, but it was a great week of total immersion in the Polish language. By the end of the week I was ready to give Polish a rest for a few days. Our kids absolutely loved it, when we got home last night Bradey said, "oh man, now it's back to our boring house."

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Annette said...

Thank you for posting this! What an answer to prayer! My heart is so blessed to hear the news of the salvation of Ola's sisters!