Thursday, August 28, 2008


Siedlce made national headlines last month. From what I've gathered, one of the major gang/mafia/ drug cartel's in Poland had chosen Siedlce as a semi-annual meeting place. A special police task force, from Warsaw and similar to Elliot Ness and his "Untouchables", had been hunting them for some time. The cartel used Siedlce for a few reasons, one being that many local police were on the cartel's payroll in exchange for information and a "heads up" on any raid. The corruption was so bad in Siedlce that the task force kept them completely in the dark as to their intentions. Two weeks prior to the raid the special task force made a call into the Siedlce police department and gave simple instructions. "In a few weeks someone from our unit will call in and say one word, (for illustrations sake lets say the word was kielbasa). When you receive that phone call and hear "kielbasa" send three ambulances to this location." Because of potential leaks, that is all the information they could give our beloved police department. A few weeks later the raid went down and, according to the article, most of the major players were apprehended. They'll be sent to prison and probably never be heard from again. The lesson here, crime does pay in Poland, just not all the time.

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