Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back To School

The Kids went back to school on Monday so I thought I'd share a few things that are different about school in Poland.

1.) They have an extra year of pre-school here so their "first grade" is our "second grade" in the States.

2.) Preschool is not nearly as structured here as it is in the States. But once they start first grade it is not uncommon for children to come home with an hour or more of homework each night.

3.) Preschool tuition is something around $75 per month per child. Included in that price is breakfast, a morning snack, obiad (Poland's biggest meal of the day) and an afternoon snack. They are literally eating all day. The kids love it.

4.) Not included in the price of tuition are any type of supplies. Before the school year begins parents are given a list of everything the child needs right down to kleenex, toilet paper, and handsoap for the bathroom. This continues on through elementary.

5.) The teacher and class stay together all through preschool. When the child gets into first grade the teacher and class stay together through the third grade.

6.) At the fourth grade level students begin a schedule similar to Jr. High students in the States, which includes different teachers for different subjects, and different class loads on different days.

7.) Poland does not have nearly enough preschools for its population. Certain preschools have a waiting list of over two years, which requires parents to sign up their child right after birth. Otherwise, registration is on a first come- first serve basis. Priority is given to single parents or homes where both parents are working. The registration forms are quite intrusive by U.S. standards. Asking questions such as "Do you have a job" and "what kind of work do you do?"


dad stover said...

the eating part sounds like you and your brother back in the day.....

The Stover Family said...

Exactly--although they don't get to eat fruit roll-ups.

akhughes said...

very interesting. how are you getting all this info straight as you still are adjusting to the language?!!

The Stover Family said...


We are still adjusting to the language but able to speak and understand a lot more. Most of the information I gave has come from asking questions and from our own observations.

Kimberly said...

Hi I am Carla's SIL, and of course she shared your blog with us. We have heard so much about you and you visited our church when you were in the states. Your kids are growing so much and they are so adorable. I know Carla is looking so forward to having the boys in class. I will certainly come back to visit your blog often. I don't visit very many; but will definitly add yours to the ones I do.

The Stover Family said...

The boys are already talking about having "Auntie Carla" as their teacher. They are already excited about seeing everyone again.

Kimberly said...

Well you tell them that Auntie Carla tells me all about them all the time. We were just talking about them the last time I saw her, which was a few weeks ago. She is a special person for sure.

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