Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Little Relief

It would be nice if money grew on trees. I might actually become a treehugger if that were the case. For quite some time you've heard about the weak dollar and its affect on missions. This article from bloomberg news signals some potential good news for those of us overseas. The dollar reached a one year high against the euro today. Two months ago the dollars' weakness had resulted in a loss of over 30% of our buying power since we first arrived in Poland. It is really hard to operate on 70% of your budget. That trend has reversed itself rather quickly, and though the dollar is still weaker than when we initially arrived in Poland, it's strength could provide some needed financial breathing room. I am thankful for this answer to prayer.


Matt and Courtney Jones said...

I know the feeling. The baht was dropping like crazy against the dollar until the stock market fell apart yesterday. Today, the baht gained a half a point to the dollar.

Pastor Adam Love said...

Even here in the good 'ole USA the dollar sure isn't going as far. I know you guys are getting hit hard. If you find that tree, let me know and we can form a tree hugging seminar.

Michael Paniak said...

While you all have your "hug fest" I'll be the one raking leaves and climbing branches.