Monday, December 29, 2008

A Polish Blog

Christians in Poland are in desperate need of good Christian literature. Simply put, not much has been translated into the Polish language. As a result there are very few resources to aid a believer in their study of God's Word, and there are very few if any resources for pastors. Our coworker, Ben Layer, has started a blog that we are hoping will turn into a resource for pastors and Christians alike. You can check it out here. On Mondays we post articles that I find from various sources, on Wednesdays we post articles that Ben writes, and he hopes soon to be posting Spurgeon sermons translated to Polish on Fridays. As well, whenever we learn of a good book that has been translated into the Polish language we make it known on the blog. In a very short time the blog has had nearly 3500 hits, it will be exciting to see how God uses this in the future.


Anonymous said...

Jason, have you seen this website?

It doesn't look like there is much there yet. Though that just might be because I don't speak any foreign languages. The idea and potential certainly looks promising.


The Stover Family said...


I hadn't seen that website yet. Thanks for the link.