Monday, May 21, 2007

The Kids Hit Poland

Ginger took the kids to a park here in Siedlce two days ago and they were offering pony rides, as you can see, the kids had a good time. Bradey kept asking for the horse to go faster but to no avail. We are right in the middle of moving into our apartment. The tile work and flooring have been completed and I now have carpel tunnel from putting 10,000 screws into IKEA furniture. Those of you with IKEA furniture know exactly what I'm talking about. Yesterday Kristen and Deb flew back to the states, they were a great help with the kids and with painting in the apartment, they will be missed. We are still hit and miss with email because internet and phone have not yet been installed in our apartment, hopefully that will change in the next few days. As we get settled in this week we hope to connect with many of you back in the states. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. But admit it, you thought we wouldn't keep our promise of updating the blog weekly, shame on you. OH YEAH---I FORGOT TO TELL YOU---LOOK AT THE TOP PICTURE---IT IS ABOUT 65 DEGREES OUTSIDE---LOOK HOW AUBRIE IS DRESSED AND LOOK HOW THE POLISH BOY IS DRESSED. THIS IS VERY COMMON


Kim said...

Glad Ginger and the kids made it safely. Looks likes the kids had fun at the park. They all are so cute!! Good luck with getting your apartment together.

Jon and Kim

Lisa said...

YEAH! I am so very happy that you are all together, how is the dog????
I am so glad you are finding some free time.
Ahhh, IKEA, we know EXACTLY what you are talking about!!!!!!!!
Can't wait to hear/see how the apartment turns out. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
Thanks so much for blogging. I look just about every day to see how you are all doing.
Tell Ginger I said hello, and I love her!!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys just wanted to say a quick hi and let you all know I'm thinking about you. I want to see a completed walk thru of your new home when you are all finished! Lots of love,
Rachelle . . . & Brad

Kathi Hayes said...

Thanks for the pictures and update. Looks like the kids were having fun and the weather looked nice, too.

Matt and Courtney Jones said...

Erica will be so jealous. She asked me today "Can I get a horse when we are rich?" Miss you guys! We are only 6 hours apart now. Sewatdee Ka!

Sara said...

So happy you are all reunited! Your kids are precious--SO adorable! Good luck with all of the "settling," and WAY TO GO with the kid pics! Just what we want to see:)

Nathan said...

Jason and Ginger,

I'm glad to have my wife back, but appreciate the opportunity she had to help and observe.

I hope things will work out for us to visit together sometime!


The Stover Family said...


Hey you can pass this on to Krisin---Ben just told me that the Salami we all had last week was Donkey meat---seriously, that's funny. Either he forgot or he didn't want to tell us, I think the latter of the two. BTW, it was good salami

The Stover Family said...


So who puts the IKEA furniture together at your house, you or Chris?


Are you really checking up on us or on Bruno.


Carrie said...

I love going to the park, glad you found one nearby. My little one doesn't care for sand under his feet either. Just wanted to let you know I tagged you to post 8 weirdo facts about yourself :) (It gives you a post for the week :) Hope you don't mind you are in our prayers.

Matthew said...

Are you kidding me? Donkey meat? I don't think I ate the salami! I preferred the stuff that looked "NORMAL"!
Tell everyone hey!