Friday, May 11, 2007


I've been here in Poland for over a week and a half now and we've been able to knock out several details. The apartment we are renting is in very good condition with the exception of the flooring and the bathroom. We worked out a deal with the landlord where I will pay for the renovation and they will discount our rent for six months. What you see here is the new flooring in our living room. We've run into a snag for flooring the entryway. The concrete is so uneven that they can't guarantee the floor. I guess we're going to find out if you can by quickcrete in Poland?!?

With Poland joining the EU, trade has opened up for them, so many of their skilled laborers are currently in Ireland, Germany, and France. There they can work for much more money. This has made it difficult to find someone to do our renovations. I know some of you are saying "why not do it yourself?" If you are thinking that you should really keep your comments to yourself. Also, if you can't fix it with duct tape--I can't fix it, in addition, labor is extremely cheap. After a week of looking for a tradesman to do the bathroom remodel we had given up hope. However, Wednesday we got a call from a member at the church in Siedlce who had the name of an acquaintance that had just returned from working in Germany. He began the bathroom work on Friday. Ben and I have been very impressed up to this point.

Some of you know that our plan for the last several months has been for me to come to Poland, ahead of the rest of the family, to work on lining up a house, car, etc. . . At best I never thought I'd be able to do what we've done in the last two weeks. I attribute that to your prayers. Ginger and I greatly value your friendship and spiritual support.

On another note, I believe that's two updates in one week, which is how many times we updated our website in a year and a half. So let the skeptics be silenced and in the words of Emeril "BAM!"


The Stover Family said...

BTW, I forgot to explain the bathroom pictures. What you see is a typical bathroom setup in Poland. Two rooms side by side but not connected. In one room you have a toilet and small sink and in the other you have a sink , shower, and washer. I like to describe it as interesting.

Matt & Nicki said...

Looks like a lot of work. . .I am sure you are looking forward to being in ministry with Ben and Sarah. . . It is neat how the Lord allows us the opportunity to serve with friends that we learned along side of in school. Hope all goes well! It will be nice to stay connected with you guys via blogging.

Sara said...

Hey Jason, SO good to hear from you! I am so excited to see what God does through you and Ben and your families out there in Poland! What an amazing opportunity! I assume that the picture is of your little girl? She is precious,if so. If not, weird that you would post a picture of ANOTHER little girl:) I would love to see pictures of your boys. Remember, while we are interested very much in your progress in Poland, some of us will check this just to make sure God has given you the children you "deserve!"
Stay in touch!

The Stover Family said...

Yeah--that's our baby girl Aubrie. I just created this blog while in Poland. When Ginger gets here she'll be posting pictures of the boys. I don't know that they're like me though---the twins are crazy and unpredictable. I think they get that from their mother.

The Burlison Family said...

Jason, You are doing a great job over their in that foreign land!! I am impressed with all you have been able to do to prepare for the family. I just left the airport and I was blessed to be able to see your wife and children off, we know they have a long trip ahead of them but they sure do seem up for the ride. I know plans changed "slightly" since you booked all of their tickets, but the Lord knows best and all is in His timing. Ginger looks ready for the trip and they kids were rolling with the punches. I'm sure you are so excited and can't wait to hug them all. It will be soon, hang in there.

Lisa said...

Saw Ging and the kids, with Deb, and Kristy? off. Yes, sad to see them go, but Ginger had her game face on, and was ready to do this thing attitude. She is one tough cookie. I was amazed to see how many people were there to support her.
AND Bruno is going too!!! After much to do. You really must love that dog. LOL!!!!
You are getting a lot done over there.
Praying for your family.
Thanks for keeping us posted!!

Sara said...

Hmmm, Crazy and unpredictable?!?!? Weird. Nothing like you...