Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Oh No!

Yes, the Stover family has entered the blogosphere. And in the words of Stinky Pete from Toy Story 2, "its a dangerous world out there Woody." I know what you're thinking. . . "yeah, yeah, yeah, you had a website and updated it like twice in two years." Well, Ginger and I feel sooo strongly about keeping you informed that I promise, thats right, I PROMISE that our blog will be updated once a week. And if we fail in this endeavor feel free to send us an email full of Biblical confrontation.


Pittsley said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. I've added you to the list.

Don Jackson said...

Hi Pastor Stover,
I just wanted to be the first one to post a comment on your new Blog. I sure hope I can remember my new password they made be create in order to send this letter. How did your first week in Poland go, did you get much accomplished. We are planning to go to the airport on Sunday to see Ginger and the kids
off. I hope you keep your WORD an keep us informed.

Praise Him,
Don Jackson

Parents Of the Kids These Days said...

Awesome!! We'll keep checking for current pics and updates. And maybe you can get Sarah to update theirs a little more frequently - I really have no room to talk; I'm pretty sporadic in my postings! Grandmas & Grandpas and other family will appreciate it more than anyone - it's a fun way to keep them updated on pictures and happenings in everyday life. Say hi to Ben & Sarah. (It’s so cool that we know two families in Poland now – now we’ll definitely have to plan a youth missions trip to that part of the world!)


Erin Neiner said...

This will be a "hands on" experience to see you all in Poland! A picture is worth a thousand words...can't wait to see your new home & whereabouts!! We'll be praying for the transition time, safety of Ging & the kids, etc. I still am amazed how quickly you guys were able to go!!

The Stover Family said...


If you do come to Poland just remember to leave the "iceburg lettuce" in the states

The Seffingas said...

Was thinking and praying for you today. Great to hear from you. Was praying that "all is coming together." Great to hear that your house may get rented soon. That will be a load off your shoulders. Jim is working on your yard but just ran into a glitch--his 17 year old vehicle broke down. When he finishes your yard, we'll take a picture and send it. He will finish it as soon as we get this car situation sorted out (or have the funeral). Pray for this need and our other car too--much work to be done one it. Barb

Parents Of the Kids These Days said...

Jason - I'm forgetting the iceburg lettuce story at the moment (something's ringing a bell, but it's not coming to me). Did it have anything to do with the glove compartment in Jenelle's truck? Or was that something else - remind me, I would love a laugh from the past! Just last night I was telling someone your standard out-loud statement whenever the lights went out at an artist series - "Kiss you? I don't even know you. . . No, not even for a dollar!"

Kathi Hayes said...

I'm so glad you started a blog. It will be fun for us to hear about all your learning experiences and cultural blubbers (and I'm SURE there will be many to tell about!) Don't forget to include stories and pictures of our grandkids, too. We're praying for you.

Lisa said...

Hi Pastor Stover,
I am glad you are blogging, and that you are doing well. I am praying that you stay strong in The Word, and that all the pieces, here and there, fall into place easily.
I, too, am going to see Ging off Sunday.
I will be "looking up", with great expectation to see how God unfolds His plan for all of you. I can't wait to tell others how MAGNIFICENT God is, to bring glory and fame to His name.
With much admiration,
P.S. Gracie is getting baptized Sunday at Bible Baptist!! PRAISE HIM!!!

Bill Vaglienti said...

Hey Pastor
I will send you the updates on 24 I promise.I hope you learn Polish as fast as you got the finance's to go there or is that POL ish I belive if you find someone to golf with you will save a lot of souls by hitting them down the middle,

David Herrman said...

Hey Jason, got your email. Glad you made it to Poland o.k. I will pray for your house situation and will pray for continued success in your ministry

Matthew said...

Hey can't wait to be there with ya'll! How are the plans coming? I think this is a great way to keep in touch with everyone!
See you soon!

The Stover Family said...

We've got our apartment now and have some guys there putting in new flooring in the living room and tile in the bathroom and it looks like I've got a line on a car, I'll make a final offer on Saturday. I think we've already got a trip planned to the IKEA in Warsaw for you, Ginger, and Kristin.


I can't believe you don't remember "iceburg lettuce"----it was out in Wyoming and you and Sarah were in on it.

The Burlison Family said...

Jason, Ginger and kids,
Awesome, just awesome!! We will be checking weekly to see what exciting endeavors the Lord has for you in the future. We love you and we know the Lord will use each and every one of you for His glory in Poland. Can't wait to see next weeks update!! We love you!! Aaron, Jodi, Nathan and Noah

Don Jackson said...

Dear Pastor Stover,
I can't believe you were able to send out two posting in one week, with pictures attached, wow! I'm impressed. Although I think I've figured out how you had the time, NO GOLF. Have you scoped out any of the courses yet?

We are looking forward to seeing Ginger and the kids this weekend and have one last time to say goodbye and give the kids a lolly-pop.

Let me know if here is anything I can do to for you here in the states.

God Bless,

The Stover Family said...


Yeah, I think you're right about the golf--I know the kids will enjoy the lollipops from Joyce. How many do you have signed up for the golf retreat.

Don Jackson said...

Hello Stover Family,
I sure hope everything is going well there in Poland. Did Ginger & Deb have fun at IKEA buying new funiture.

We have 17 men signed up for the Golf retreat. There are several new men going this year. Armando & Robert Castaneda, Brad Evans, and Bill Mulford are some that I think you know. We are excited to have an opportunity to spend some time with these new golfers. I don't know who will organize the late night run to Steak & Shake, but I'm sure we will be thinking about you while we are there.
Say hello to Ben and Sarah for us and take good care of those kids and one another.
In His Service,

Linda :>) said...

Hay guys...This is really Kool! I kind of wigs me out to know the whole world can read my thoughts. So I'll start with you and your spending habits...Ginger by the looks of the visa bill it looks like you had fun @ IKEA!(Jason did you stop those paper copies yet?) That's ok Ginger...I know you are prepairing a place for great fellowship and fun. .
It's very exciting and a blessing to know you have 2 new friends there and the bonus...THEY SPEEK ENGLISH. Praise God!
Jason...I'm sure you are doing all your studying and...are you preaching yet? If you preach to them like you preached to us I'm sure the Lord will convict the souls of those in attendance.Thank you for being obediant and led by our Lord.
Well praise God that you guys are there in Poland. I'm sure Ben and Sarah are very happy and probably feeling alittle relief.
Be Good and don't forget to Smile...because you know...God is watching.
Oh ya...Chris and I are leaving Friday on our Harley Trip!!!!!!!!
We will be gone for 3 days. I can't wait. You might want to pray for us. good

The Stover Family said...

Harley trip---I so hate you guys. Although, we bought my car at the Honda dealership and Ben and I noticed that you could buy Honda Shadow for around $9000---if I can convince Ginger this would be better than our car maybe we can make the switch